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You Want A Child Don’t You: Stop Worrying About The Cost Of Artificial Insemination!

 <a href=The Cost Of Artificial Insemination image" width="457" height="283" align="right" border="2" hspace="10" vspace="10" /> Almost every married couple would love to have a child of their own.

To have pure, unadulterated sounds of joy and love, reverberating through the house..

Each new act of of discovery and achievement of the child, brings delight to the parents and broad smiles on their offspring’s faces. Who does not want to raise their own family to keep the bloodline going?

 Many however are not so fortunate and their medical condition prevents them from going in for a child. Reasons could be varied but this does not diminish the natural desire to become parents.

Medical science has given such couples hope in the form of alternative methods of conception and these have benefited thousands over the years.

One is generally more aware of the huge promise offered by ‘IVF’ or a procedure more commonly known as, ‘test tube babies’.

We are talking creating life over here and naturally one cannot expect to have a medical procedure related to this to cost nothing.

With IVF, one may require to undergo more than one cycle of treatment before finding success, leading to a higher drain on the pocket.

Cost of artificial insemination on the other hand is a lot lesser thus making it the more preferred option for many.

The IVF procedure itself

  • Artificial insemination is ideal in conditions where natural conception is not possible because of sperm allergy or low sperm count and mobility.
  • Referred to as ‘intrauterine insemination’ (IUI), the procedure serves to cut down on the sperm’s travel to the egg, thus increasing the probability of conception.
  • Here the sperm of the man (whether husband, partner or donor) is injected into the cervix or the uterus itself when it is ready for ovulation.
  • The process is cheaper than IVF and therefore generally tried first in most cases.
  • It is also non-invasive and its success depends upon the patient’s age and underlying cause of infertility.

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How much is artificial insemination going to cost depends upon a whole lot of connected issues but if you achieve success; nothing else matters.

 The IVF cost factors

The basic cost of insemination alone is around $ 500-600 for each attempt; your medication and investigations like ultrasounds etc. obviously have to be paid for in addition.

If you are looking for surrogacy, the procedure could certainly cost more. Unless you taste success in the first attempt itself; further cycles are warranted thus adding up to your bills and on an average, five cycles are necessary.

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To begin with you should be aware that generally insurance companies do not cover fertility treatments so you need to have the cash ready.

However this is not a rule and some insurance plans do cover artificial insemination.

Being more sensitive to the issue; some states do make it mandatory for insurance companies to include related costs but with some riders attached.

It is good to be aware of such provisions to see if you can benefit tool. Do not let trivial factors like the cost of artificial insemination deter you from raising your own family.

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