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The Process Of Doing Artificial Insemination At Home

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The process of artificial insemination can help infertility issues in both women and men. It is a simple technique and has several advantages. It is also possible to do artificial insemination at home.

what is artificial insemination?

The sperm is directly inserted into the cervix and the fallopian tubes of a woman, making its journey a little shorter. Above everything else, it helps to bypass all possible obstructions or hindrances. Artificial insemination is used for several types of problems in fertility. It will be helpful in women who have certain abnormalities in their reproductive organs or if they suffer with endometriosis.

Women who have cervical mucus that is not so receptive can also benefit from artificial insemination as it allows the sperm to bypass the cervical mucus totally. When the gynaecologists are not so sure about the reasons behind a couple’s infertility problems, they recommend the process of artificial insemination.

how to do artificial insemination at home?

To do this process at home, concerned women have to be familiar with their menstrual and their fertility cycles. They can get a good picture of how to go about it by visiting The things required are:

1. Fresh sperm, preferably used immediately after the ejaculation.

2. Ovulation Prediction Kits (OPK) with strips.

3. A glass jar with a lid.

4. An insemination catheter.

5. A vaginal speculum.

6. An infant medical syringe which has a plunger.

7. Pillows.

8. Baby Wipes.

9. Medical gloves.

10. Towel.

Artificial Insemination At Home imageIn order to understand the cycle of fertility, you have to follow your body signals. It is wiser to track for three months, preferably. You will then be able to assess on an appropriate time that you can inseminate.

A gynecologist can help track your fertility and reproductive levels of hormones. The next thing that you need is to get your husband or the donor ready.

  • You can begin by testing twice a day with the ovulation strips from the last day of your period.

  • You will have to think in terms of inseminating as close as you can get to the first positive, if possible.

  • Many women start ovulating within thirty six hours of the first positive strips from their kits.

  • Fresh sperm tends to survive for several days. It is better to inseminate twice with a gap of at least ten hours.

To get a good sperm count, you can wait for forty eight hours and then try to inseminate again. It will help to make sure that the sperm is retained within, when the egg is released by the follicle.

image of Artificial Insemination At HomeDuring an intracervical insemination, the semen has to be placed in the cervix. It has to be remembered that the cervix canal is about an inch and a half long. It leads straight to the uterus.

You have to attach the catheter to the syringe top before lying down on a comfortable bed, placing pillows underneath the buttocks. The legs have to be bent at your knee in a comfortable position. It is better to lubricate your vaginal speculum before inserting it into the cavity.

Once the semen is filled into the catheter and the syringe, you can insert it into the vagina until you reach the outside portion of the cervix. The semen can be squeezed gently into the cervix moth base.

This has to be done slowly so that the semen forms an even pool on to the cervix. You have to keep lying down in that same position for at least fifteen minutes.

 There Is No Risk Involved In Trying Artificial Insemination  At Home

Artificial insemination at home has become a popular practice. Many women have had tremendous success with it. There are no side effects. It is also a more affordable method of conceiving if you are going through infertility issues.

At home Artificial insemination kit

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