Become Surrogate Mother

Introduction On How To Become a Surrogate Mother

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The use of the word Surrogacy is rapidly increasing these days. You must have learn’t about this word from newspapers or internet but many people do not know what exactly Surrogacy is and what is surrogate mother?

Become a surrogate mother

Surrogacy means giving birth to a child who biologically belongs to other couple and the women who carries a child of other couple is known as Surrogate mother.

The need of Surrogacy arises when couples are not able to conceive their own child in a natural way.

  • This happens mostly because of Infertility in modern couples and this is increasing rapidly because of many reasons such as not getting married at an early age, hectic life schedule and even personal health issues.
  • It is every couples dream to become parent and start their own little family but some people are unfortunate and unable to start their own family.
  • So in such case surrogate mother can bring a new hope for intended parents and let them enjoy the feeling of parenthood.

<a href=how to become a surrogate mother picture" width="300" height="200" align="right" border="2" hspace="10" vspace="10" />Anyone can become a surrogate mother she can be your friend, relative or any stranger.If you want to know how to become a surrogate motherthen there is a lot of valuable information available on the internet but it is always recommended to consult an attorney who is aware of the surrogacy laws in your state before you sign any kind of contract. You will also come across different surrogacy agencies that will certainly help you in solving your queries related to surrogacy.

It is not easy to become a surrogate mother. It is very important for her to meet certain criteria for example she need to have at least one child of her own.

She should be healthy and should not be on any medication. Thus she should be healthy enough to carry infant and go through the procedure. If you want more knowledge on it then kindly visit

What are the types of Surrogacy?

1. Once you come to know how to become a surrogate motherthen you need to decide what type of surrogate you wish to be.

2. Surrogacy is of two types one is traditional and other one is gestational.

3. In case of traditional Surrogacy the surrogate mother has to use her own eggs to conceive a child with the sperm of intended father.

4. On the other hand in gestational surrogacy the surrogate mother is not at all biologically related to the child she is carrying.

How To Become A surrogate mother pictureThe child is conceived using eggs from the intended mother and the intended father’s sperm.Once you decide the type of surrogacy you want to adapt your next step will be searching for the right couple for you. Here a surrogacy attorney will help you out in finding out the suitable couple for you. You can also search out for couples through internet.After that you need to find a qualified lawyer in order to prepare a legal contract.

Another important point to consider is that the laws differ by state so you need to contact the attorney near you in order to protect your rights. becoming a surrogate mother is a best journey. A surrogate mother needs a lot of support from friends and family in order to have a successful family.

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