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For some, ‘In Vitro Fertilization’ is inescapable; never mind the cost!

Can’t conceive

Nature intended to make all humans equal with similar b<a href=in vitro fertilization cost picture" width="457" height="274" align="right" border="2" hspace="10" vspace="10" />odies, minds, functions and capabilities.However we all know that the same does not always happen and the less fortunate beings are born with critical deficiencies that put severe constraints on their capability to perform what a perfectly normal person is capable of.

Infertility in women is one such limitation.

What is In Vitro Fertilization?

Every happy couple would like to have children of their own but many are not endowed with the capability to do so.What follows then is a long drawn out process of consulting doctors who can prescribe but give no guarantee that their medication will work.

Most are aware of an alternate escape routes given to them by the medical science but fears of exorbitant ‘in vitro fertilization’ cost; makes them think twice before taking a call.

It takes two to Tango

Yes; where making babies is concerned, it certainly takes two to Tango.

The problem arises when the pair fails to make any headway despite the best of their efforts.

In many countries and communities, this state also has a certain stigma attached to it.

The issue is sensitive and highly debatable but it is not the central theme of this write up.

The theme here is to tell people about what vitro fertilization is; bursting myths and misconceptions along the way.

Perhaps all are aware of terms like, ‘test tube babies’. The term is quite appropriate as babies that are conceived using In Vitro fertilization or IVF, are placed in this category.

There is nothing to be ashamed of as they are born with the same characteristics as ones that evolve in a mother’s womb. Connect with for a better insight into this very real issue.

Time to learnimage of In Vitro Fertilization cost

Vitro fertilization is a medical procedure where eggs are fertilized with sperm outside the body in a glass dish or a test tube.

It is a fully legal procedure and practiced the world over, the resultant having given joy to a large number of couples to finally having their own child.

Never mind the reluctance of those who consider this as a controversial procedure, both medically and ethically. There is nothing abnormal about the procedure however as it is a blessing in disguise for couples who have agonizingly gone through tests for infertility and would still love to have a baby.

Cost factors of,  In Vitro Fertilization?

1.  The most common reason for couples to resist resorting to this alternative method is their fear concerning ‘In Vitro fertilization’ cost.

2.  In many countries, IVF is covered under the National Health Service where it costs a citizen nothing.

3.  Costs are based on a ‘cycle,’ which involves one round of monitoring the woman’s monthly reproductive cycle, medication, harvesting and fertilizing the eggs and implanting one or more embryos in the uterus.

In Vitro Fertilization cost image

Usually one requires between one to five cycles for success and each cycle could cost anywhere up to $ 15000.

One has the option of freezing extra embryos to be implanted later if required and it is a much more economical procedure. For those wanting to have their own child anyway; it is a small price to pay.

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